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As low as $39 Dollars / £25 Pounds per month only!

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QuranComputer.com is an online quran teaching academy for kids. Providing Quran Teaching services for last 4 years on Skype. Our Quran Teaching Method and system is 22X Faster then usual teaching methods in Mosque or Sunday classes. Because We provide one to one Quran classes for each student.

The course includes (On Demand) basic Quran alphabet learning to advanced level Quran learning, Memorization, tajweed rules, Memorization of last 20 soorah, memorization of 40 small ahadith and 40 Duaas, Memorization of Salah (Prayer), Wadhu and Ghusl methods and all necessary islamic principles.

Learn from Live Quran Tutor in Real time on Skype. No CD, DVD, Video, text files required.

Benefits :
  • Unbelievable Fast Track Learning Method. Learn Quran in 3 months only
  • Learn Online at your home on your preferred time
  • No need to drive kids to the mosque.
  • No shared classes. All classes are one to one
  • Available in All Europe, USA, UK , Canada and other countries
  • You just need a Headphone, Internet and a Computer / Mobile to learn
  • 24 hours Online. High speed Internet connectivity. Electricity backup
  • Quality Control Department. Monthly students test for Quality assurance
  • Highly Experienced and trained Teachers. Hafiz And Alim e deen.

Starts from £25 Pound / $39 Dollars per month only!