abdul basit quran recitation for kids online

abdul basit quran recitation online training.

abdul basit quran recitation style was ammazing and beautiful. it was full of beauty and heart touching voice and reading style.

We at www.QuranComputer.com teach quran to kids in same tajweed (not in same voice) . we have qualified , professional and 2-5 years experienced abdul basit style quran readers (teachers) . We teach the same tajweed to your kids. You can get 3 days of Absolutely Free trial classes for abdul basit quran recitation style. Click below image for registration for Free.

abdul basit quran recitation tilawat reading

abdul basit quran recitation tilawat reading


we have above 25 professional teachers ( as of today 21 May 2013 ) and it is increasing every day for our professional arabic teaching and quran teaching classes over skype with Free tajweed classes in abdul basit quran recitation styles.

You are invited to start your 3 days of absolutely Free trial classes. and you will see how it works. You can see this video for more details on how it works?


Watching abdul basit quran tilawat , recitation on youtube dose not help really. if you need to read the quran in same style, you need to learn tajweed first. and learn quran first. and you will be able to read it fluently inshaAllah. don’t miss the chance of 3 days free trial quran classes with us! we are online 24 hours with professional tutors for all around the world and speciall for United Kingdom , United states and Canada students.