islamic question answer live chat

islamic question answer live chat

islamic question answer live chat and online chat service is provided by . is basically a Live Quran Tutoring academy for kids. Kids learn quran online by our live quran tutors on one to one bases.


The islamic question answer services are not offered anymore. We now only provide Online Quran Teaching services for kids . Please register for 3 days free trial classes here.


islamic question answer live chat

islamic question answer live chat

We have recently launched a service ” islamic question answer on live chat ” where people visits our website and ask islamic questions and answers online by our qualified online mufti. Our qualified Mufti and alim are online round the clock and providing services to all people around the world Free of cost!

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  1. I am a born Muslim living now in a fast paced developed country. Seeing free life here I am deviated from being a Muslim at most times, ie. women scantily dressed, massage/sex easily available and not a taboo anymore, alcohol, etc. the faith in Islam seems diminishing. How to boost my morale. Thank you

  2. Assalam alaikum bhaiya, am gettin worst dreams from the past 2 wks,. First i had a dream about snake. I was in snake museum, someone throwd a snake on me, it bite me in my right palm, i was tryin to throw it but it sticks in to my hand. but i never saw that boy before. second is about dhargha. Itz not like a dhargha, it was a tall building, that building have shops inside, wen i was coming down through stair case i saw a place like someone’s grave coverd by cloths, flowers nd flags nd sandals, like how the dargha seems. i was shocked to see that someone at the back ask me to take that sandal and apply it on my neck, i refuse to do that but they forced me, so i applied. bhaiya plz i need a meanings of this, nd why i dreamt lik diz. Actually i was dream about snakes alwayz. Am jus 21 years old nd i got married last years. Some says u ve enenmies thatsy u r gettin dreams lik diz, i dnt knw how to take diz dreams. am totally confused nd am’t concentratin in anythin which i do. Even i fails to eat. plz help me bhaiya. Send asap.

  3. salam alaikum
    my question is , if we invest our my in any bank
    as per the role of there policy
    like 5 year or 3 year.

    if we are invest our my as per there policy
    so is this are haram or halal
    beacuse they are also invest some were and get some profet they are also take part of some profet and they return to us. please answer me this type of profet haram or halal.

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